Common Boiler Problems and Their Causes

It can be a real worry if you suddenly start experiencing problems with your boiler. However, there’s no need to panic! With the majority of boiler problems, it’s often quite easy to work out a potential cause. Below, we’ve outlined the most common boiler problems, their causes, and the steps you need to take next. No heat or hot water … Read More

Tips to Reduce Your Water Waste

It’s a lot easier than you think to waste water in your day-to-day life and this can have a really negative effect on your bank balance, as well as on the environment! To help you out, we’ve put together some tips on simple ways to save water and hopefully you can reduce that water bill as well as doing your … Read More

Emergency Electrical Kit

Man turning on the fuse box

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare and it’s bound to happen to us at one point or another! If you discover the fuse box tripping and there’s nothing plugged in, it only makes it more difficult to find out what is causing the problem. Don’t panic – here at RyGas, we’ve put together an eight-point checklist to help you get to the … Read More

Landlords, How Can You Ensure the Safety of Your Property?

What are the legal requirements in terms of gas safety for landlords?   Owning property is a big responsibility and there are many things to consider when ensuring the safety of tenants. As a landlord, gas safety should be a number one priority. There are legal requirements that you must meet and by carrying out the following measures, you will … Read More

What is the Difference between a Gas Engineer and a Plumber?

If you’ve been searching for gas safe engineers in Kingston, you might be wondering about the difference between gas engineers and plumbers. It can be confusing to know who to call as the roles may seem to overlap. Tradesmen can be qualified in both areas but it’s important to ensure that whoever you have hired is fully qualified! Below, we’ve … Read More

Creative Ways to Use Lighting

Here at RyGas, we provide a number of different services – as well as experienced gas engineers, plumbers and handymen. We are also committed to providing our customers with a great electrician in Kingston. However, we don’t think an interest in lighting should be all about the technical side of things, so we’ve outlined some ideas on how you can … Read More

What to do in a Plumbing Emergency

What should I do if I find a leak? First of all, don’t panic! If you’re unsure of what to do, you can always phone an emergency plumber. Kingston has a wide range, but here at RyGas, we provide a great and speedy service in emergencies. Before you phone a plumber, determine whether the leak is constant or intermittent. If … Read More

I Smell Gas .. What Should I Do?

If you think you can smell or have smelt gas it is really important to act quickly and not ignore it. Make sure you turn off all gas appliances and open your properties windows, If possible leave the property until a gas safe engineer attends. If you can get a trusted gas safe registered engineer from a reputable company out … Read More

Electrical Fault?…..What Should I Do & Know?

It is always important to remember that if you have an electrical fault, you should never interfere with your electrical cables or components beyond your qualifications. However the below checks may help you resolve the issue or diagnose the cause before calling a fully qualified electrician.   No power to your whole property? If you have no electricity supply to … Read More

No Hot Water Or Heating …. What Should I Do & Know?

It is always important to remember even if you have no hot water or heating that you should never work on any boilers internally unless you are a gas safe registered engineer. However the below checks can be carried out and may avoid a visit from an engineer. No hot water or heating? First of all check your boilers water … Read More