I Smell Gas .. What Should I Do?

If you think you can smell or have smelt gas it is really important to act quickly and not ignore it. Make sure you turn off all gas appliances and open your properties windows, If possible leave the property until a gas safe engineer attends. If you can get a trusted gas safe registered engineer from a reputable company out quicker than the gas emergency services, this is normally best. This is as SGN (Southern Gas Network) will only attend and make it safe, if there is a leak they will not be able to fix it or give you the answer necessarily of where the leak is from so you will then have to wait for a further visit from a gas safe registered engineer afterwards. However safety is first and If a gas safe registered engineer cannot attend as quickly, it’s best to call the emergency services SGN to attend first.

SGN are open 24/7 and can be contacted on

 0800 912 1700  https://www.sgn.co.uk/Contact-SGN/

I have a carbon monoxide alarm but it hasn’t gone off?

Like all components/products they are not always 100% effective so always act regardless of whether your carbon monoxide alarm has gone off. It may be faulty, ran out of batteries or simply be in the wrong position to pick it up. If you haven’t got a carbon monoxide alarm, it is advised to have one fitted in every room where a gas appliance is located.

My carbon monoxide alarm has gone off but I can’t smell gas?

If your carbon monoxide alarm has gone off, even if you can’t smell gas its best to be on the safe side and follow procedures as above. However sometimes the alarm may be faulty or if the batteries need replacing some models also sound an alarm.


For any further advice on emergency gas situations or should you require a visit from a gas safe registered engineer please do get in touch.

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