Creative Ways to Use Lighting

Here at RyGas, we provide a number of different services – as well as experienced gas engineers, plumbers and handymen. We are also committed to providing our customers with a great electrician in Kingston. However, we don’t think an interest in lighting should be all about the technical side of things, so we’ve outlined some ideas on how you can use of interesting and fun lighting to enhance your home. Lighting can really make an impact on the style and ambience of a property.

Unusual Chandeliers & Light Fittings

A lot of people think that chandeliers are outdated but there are so many ways you can update this classic ceiling light and bring it into the twenty-first century. We know you’re probably picturing a big, diamond-encrusted chandelier which should belong in Downton Abbey but you can get unusual shapes, bright colours, and even ones made from fish. We really love this geometric-inspired chandelier, but there are so many great and unique options out there! Why not also use your own creative mind to make a light fitting that really stands out. We like the idea of using old jam jars on the outside of light fittings, or copper pipe conceal cable coming out of the wall. More great ideas can be found on websites such as Pinterest. Once you’ve decided on the perfect lighting, why not book one of our electricians in Kingston to come and fit it for you?

Hanging Light Bulbs

A brilliant way to add some minimalist lighting to your home is to include hanging light bulbs, especially if you have high ceilings. These can be as simple or as extravagant as you choose! We like the idea of “naked” light bulbs for a minimal look and you can opt for different sizes to add an element of interest. You can also have different length and coloured cable to really make it pop. If you’re looking for an electrician in Kingston, we would recommend ensuring you check what fixings your fitting comes with, so if not supplied and heavy duty we can bring back-up fittings for a secure installation.

Bold Statement Wall Lights

Although lighting serves a practical purpose, you can get artistic and creative with the types of lights you include in your home. There are some great statement wall lights out there which can become a talking point in your kitchen or living room. We like these quirky star lights, but there is a whole range of other shapes, as well as light-up signs.


If these statement lighting pieces aren’t quite what you’re looking for, a great way to add some simple and attractive extra lighting to your home is to include spotlights in the walls or ceilings. The only thing to remember with this kind of light is that they can be a bit trickier to fix as you can’t always just replace the bulb. They range in colour, tone and size, meaning you can really personalise the ambience to your décor.  You may already have some older Halogen fittings in your property, however, now it’s much better to fit the more energy efficient and safer LED fittings. Halogen spotlights can be easily replaced to LED fittings, and this can also update tired looking lights. If you need help from an experienced electrician in Kingston, we’re just a phone call away.

Strip Lighting

Strip Lighting is becoming more and more popular for our electricians in Kingston to install. This is due to its versatility, ease of installation for experienced electricians and the modern effect it provides. Strip lighting can uplift an old, tired Kitchen cabinet or brighten a room with a modern funky twist. For example, why not add strip lighting around the edges of your ceiling? If you then partially conceal it with coving, it will create a modern floating effect. Take a look at

Though often overlooked, lighting plays a big part in the overall look and feel of your home. And that’s why we hope to inspire you to try some new and creative lighting ideas! If you need any help or advice with planned or emergency electrical work, we provide a trustworthy, reliable service and we’re just a phone call away!

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