Landlords, How Can You Ensure the Safety of Your Property?

What are the legal requirements in terms of gas safety for landlords?


Owning property is a big responsibility and there are many things to consider when ensuring the safety of tenants. As a landlord, gas safety should be a number one priority. There are legal requirements that you must meet and by carrying out the following measures, you will guarantee a safe living environment for your tenants:

  • Carry out a landlord gas safety check of all gas appliances within your property. Annually means every 12 months on the dot, not 2 months afterwards.
  • Any new gas appliances installed, such as a new gas hob to replace the old, must have a cp12 (Gas safety test) on it so every appliance is covered at all times.
  • Following the gas safety inspection by the Gas Safe Engineer, should there be any advice that comes under I.D (immediately dangerous), you must have this rectified straight away so that your occupier is safe. If there is anything marked by the gas safe engineer as ‘At Risk’ we always advise this should be carried out as the certificate has not passed up to the current safety standards. Advisory notes mentioned are up to you, however, should they get worse or affect the occupier, this could be used as evidence against you in any claims should it be brought to light.
  • Where do you need a gas safety certificate? It includes places in which you employ people i.e an office as a boss or commercial rental.  Rooms that are let to lodgers, or guest houses. Even if you host exchange students or are foster parents. Of course, this also includes your usual long term or short term rental properties.

Always refer to the Gas Safe register website for specific information on landlord gas safety responsibilities, as they are the governing body of the gas industry.


Further recommended steps to ensure gas safety for landlords:


You are not legally required to fit a carbon monoxide alarm in every room with a gas appliance unless it is a solid fuel appliance. However, we would highly recommend fitting an appropriate number of carbon monoxide alarms and services in order to give your tenants the assurance and make sure your property is as safe as possible.

Another useful recommendation to ensure gas safety for landlords is to provide your tenants with all the relevant information on gas safety. You can give them a useful guide on the type of heating system, how to use the controls, where fused spurs are, how to top up and bleed pressure etc.

Carry out interim checks or services as well as gas safety inspections, as these can help prevent appliance deterioration etc.

What are the legal requirements in terms of electrical safety for landlords?


While we are considering landlord gas safety, there are also a number of recommended steps landlords can take to ensure electrical safety. Although legally the guidelines are not so clear, the electrical safety checks are there to show the landlord has been proactive in ensuring their occupier’s safety. This will hold as evidence in the event of an electrical incident in which the occupier makes a claim.

  • Carry out an electrical condition report every five years (or after ten years if it has been fully re-wired within the last ten years and you hold the certificate).
  • We would also advise that you perform PAT (portable appliance testing) on a regular basis, should you provide appliances with your let or business activities.

Ways to reduce the cost of property maintenance:


It is also a good idea to carry out frequent checks on your property to ensure that it remains in a good condition and nothing goes into disrepair. This will significantly reduce landlord rates for property maintenance. Another way to keep costs to a minimum is by ensuring that the tradesmen you employ have all the important details about checks or repairs prior to their arrival. Including detailed information and even pictures can ensure that your tradesperson brings the appropriate parts with them – this can save on travel time and second visits.

If you are a landlord in the Kingston area who is worried about the gas safety of your property, contact us today to get some advice or give us a call on 0208 640 7907.

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