Choosing Between A Full and Part Rewire: What UK Homeowners Need to Know

rewiring a house in the UK

UK homes need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of both a full rewire and a part rewire to make sure that their home’s electrical system is safe and working well. Electrical wiring problems can cause big problems like electrical fires, wasteful power use, and ongoing repair issues, so it’s important to take care of any issues quickly and … Read More

Why You Need an Electrical Condition Report for Your Property

Hand of an electrician with multimeter probe at an electrical sw

An Electrical Condition Report Test is now a legal requirement for landlords as of July 2020*. It does not test appliances; that requires another process called a PAT test. However, it does check all circuits and a percentage of the electrical installation fittings to see if they comply with current regulations. We are able to send out a fully qualified … Read More

Top Tips for Saving Energy this Winter

Saving Money; Decrease Energy Consumption

Winter is approaching fast and, as much as we may hate to admit it, it’s time to brace ourselves for the cold. Not only can the winter months be miserable, but they can also lead to a considerable increase in your energy bills. However, while you can’t prevent the cold weather, there are a few handy ways that you can … Read More

Tips to Reduce Your Water Waste

It’s a lot easier than you think to waste water in your day-to-day life and this can have a really negative effect on your bank balance, as well as on the environment! To help you out, we’ve put together some tips on simple ways to save water and hopefully you can reduce that water bill as well as doing your … Read More

Landlords, How Can You Ensure the Safety of Your Property?

What are the legal requirements in terms of gas safety for landlords?   Owning property is a big responsibility and there are many things to consider when ensuring the safety of tenants. As a landlord, gas safety should be a number one priority. There are legal requirements that you must meet and by carrying out the following measures, you will … Read More

What is the Difference between a Gas Engineer and a Plumber?

If you’ve been searching for gas safe engineers in Kingston, you might be wondering about the difference between gas engineers and plumbers. It can be confusing to know who to call as the roles may seem to overlap. Tradesmen can be qualified in both areas but it’s important to ensure that whoever you have hired is fully qualified! Below, we’ve … Read More