Top Tips for Saving Energy this Winter

Saving Money; Decrease Energy Consumption

Winter is approaching fast and, as much as we may hate to admit it, it’s time to brace ourselves for the cold. Not only can the winter months be miserable, but they can also lead to a considerable increase in your energy bills. However, while you can’t prevent the cold weather, there are a few handy ways that you can save energy and money during this period.

Turn your central heating down
It might be tempting to blast your central heating out on full power but every degree makes a difference to your energy bill. Try turning it down slightly and throwing on some extra layers if you get too cold without blasting the maximum temperature on your central heating. South West London is home to RyGas so if you need a heating engineer, we’re always on hand to help.

Make sure you have proper insulation
One of the big culprits for heat loss in the winter is a lack of proper insulation. Ensuring that your house is thoroughly insulated will prevent drafts and will allow you to have your heating a little lower without feeling the cold.

Invest in rugs
This may seem like a strange piece of advice, but rugs can actually provide a useful extra bit of insulation and warmth, especially if you have floorboards in your house!

Bleed your radiators
People often turn their heating up higher if it feels as though it’s not working properly. However, the solution may actually be to bleed your radiators. Bleeding will release any trapped air and allow your radiator to heat up fully.

Get your boiler serviced
We always advise our customers to get their boilers serviced annually, and it’s best to do this before winter hits. A serviced boiler will run more efficiently and therefore heat your home a lot better. If you’re in need of some maintenance for your central heating in South West London, feel free to get in touch with us.

Invest in a modern thermostat
Temperature control is a key factor in keeping your energy use down in the winter. A lot of modern thermostats, including smart thermostats, are far better at controlling the room temperature – this means that you don’t need to have the heating on high at all times.

Air dry your clothes
While tumble dryers are convenient, they also use a lot of energy. If your home is warm enough, it should be possible to air dry your clothes instead. Plus, even winter has some sunny days so you can always dry your clothes outside on the line.

Switch off unused appliances
People tend to leave their appliances on standby mode but this can waste a fair amount of energy. We recommend switching off your appliances when they’re not being used as this can lower your energy bills.

Hopefully these tips and tricks have given you a few ideas on how to reduce your energy use during the winter. It is important to have a fully-functioning boiler in the cold weather so if you do need to service your central heating in South West London, get in touch today.

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