The Easy Way to Unblock Your Drains

Drain blockages can be a nightmare – your water won’t go down, it can smell terrible, and it may even result in overflowing! It’s best to unblock your drains regularly, especially if you suspect that there’s a problem, as this will prevent further damage. Below, we’ve outlined some easy ways that you can unblock your drains, using things you probably already have at home. If you do ever have an emergency situation with your drains and need a drainage engineer in London, get in touch.

Create your own drain unclogger

You might have seen lots of fancy drain unclogging products available on the market but did you know you can make your own? All you need is baking soda, salt and hot water! This can work its magic on clogged drains. If you’ve tried a DIY job on your drains and it isn’t working, make sure you call out a drainage engineer – London has a lot available, including us at RyGas!

Use a wire coat hanger

If you get a wire coat hanger that you’re not using, you can attach an old rag to the end of it to create an unblocking device. If you use this with a pushing/twisting motion, it should help clear the drain without too much hassle.

Is your toilet blocked?

A blocked toilet is enough to cause anyone to start panicking, but you don’t need to call a plumber straight away. Why not try using a bucket of water to flush the toilet instead? This can often work well. Or, reach for the plunger if something seems to be getting stuck.

Unblocking your sink

A trick to unblocking a sink drain is to fill an old bottle with water, turn it upside down into the plug hole and squeeze really hard to force the water down the hole. You should then keep the bottle in place, as whatever you forced down should come back up into the bottle! Problem solved.


We hope these tips have been useful in helping you deal with blocked drains! If you do have a more serious problem that requires a drainage engineer in London, get in touch with us here or give us a call on 0208 6407907.

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